Beautiful Vintage for Beautiful People
Beautiful Vintage for Beautiful People
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Hiya Lovelies!
Its getting closer, opening the new store is getting closer by the day! I am so excited and also a little sick! I suppose this is normal, something you have dreamed about for so long is finally coming into fruition. A friend of mine said to me the other day its like being pregnant - you sit there thinking and holding onto the idea and then before you know it the idea is a reality and you are "holding" it in your hands wondering "how the hell did this happen?" - all the while smiling maniacally with joy.
So with the change of ownership comes a few more changes - all good, some may take a little more time to sink in but others will be almost instant.
Some changes include:
Well this web site for one, I have redesigned and redeveloped it - we have moved it from Shopify to WIX - primarily due to the fact I know the ins and outs of WIX and it has an awesome E-Commerce platform making online shopping a positive experience. Let me know what you think of the new look, send us an email :-)
We have also changed the domain name to include a little bit of me, so now you can find us at :
We are somewhat keeping the name of the business as it is a wonderful name and So many of you know it, we have just added a little bit extra, so will now be known as:
Little Ms Waste-Not's House of Serendipity!
Some of you may be looking at that thinking why not Little Miss? Well the reality is  Little Miss is already copy-writed and I am not really a Miss.
The location of the shop is changing - we have secured a lovely space in Valley View which is a great size with ample parking. It sits nestled in a group of 10 shops and has a lovely community feel to it. Our neighbours are wonderful and if you want to grab a bite to eat, learn some Judo, see a Dr or have your hair done we are definately positioned well for you!
We will be having a few more things in the shop that may not have been there before. We will have some work from local artists on display and for sale, all vintage related, we will have the cosmetics from Gemma Vandetta and we will also have some vintage homewares on display and for sale.
It will be all vintage and Retro, and we will still be open for people to sell and donate their clothes and goods to the shop for sorting and possible resale.
We really are looking forward to opening the doors, and really looking forward to meeting you all and providing a fantastic shopping experience.
See you all very soon!
Much Love

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