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For the past couple of weeks we have been cataloguing our clothing and our shoes, wow what a job!

Do you want a challenge? The what you need to do is work out how to describe a pair of shoes, what are they made of? Who is the designer/label? Do they have embellishments? What condition are they in? What size are they? And then the Kicker (literally!)...what sort of heel do they have?

There are SO many types of heel! Kitten heels, Stillettos Heel, Wedge heel, Pigalle heel, Decolette heel, Piou Piou heel, simple pump heel...seriously I could keep listing for at least another hour, there are that many!

What I do know is that I LOVE shoes, really really LOVE shoes, they are amazing, the look of them, the feel some of them are true works of art while others serve a level of functionality we can only dream about.

I have come from a background of not wearing shoes unless to attend a funeral or wedding to drooling over a new or vintage pair of leather pumps or Marie Antoinette Heels! No matter what I will continue to peruse the vintage sellers for those perfect pairs of shoes to bring to you all, and maybe just maybe will stumble across the holy grail of shoes...which strangely enough is the 1976 Nike "Sting". One day my friends they will be found and kept in a glass box for all to stare at!

Until then I will keep on rummaging and searching, let me know your "holy Grail" shoe I can keep an eye out while looking for mine!


much love



1976 Nike Sting

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