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Beautiful Vintage for Beautiful People
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Vintage Vs. Retro

Hiya Lovelies
I get asked this a lot:
Whats the difference between Vintage and Retro?"
 Webster's online Dictionary states:
ˈvɪntɪdʒ/ noun
the time that something of quality was produced.
combining form
prefix: retro-
  1. 1.
    denoting action that is directed backwards or is reciprocal.
Vintage Camera - The real dealSMXLL
But I can break that down even further to actually make sense, basically,  Vintage relates to a time and construction of 20 years or more, while Retro doesn't have to be "old" instead it replicates Vintage items. 
And to take it further Vintage clothing is considered vintage when it is original and authentic in terms of design and inspiration.
So there you go, it really is that simple, Vintage is the real stuff over 20 years of age, Retro is the reproduction of the real stuff. So when someone says "I bought this fantastic Retro dress the other day" you can now bet your bottom dollar that it is a reproduction based on an original idea over 20 years old.
And just because something is Retro and not Vintage it doesn't make it any less popular, in fact I would say that the resurgence we are seeing today around vintage pieces of and furniture and fashion, could solely rest on the shoulders of the Retro market which has reproduced many past designs as a homage rather than a "copy" - and in doing this, the generations who missed it the first time round are now able to access it and demand more of it, which is simply wonderful!
Much Love
The real deal - today these outfits would be Vintage!SMXLL

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